Things to Know

"Bumper to Bumper"

The Illusion of a Warranty

How many times do we hear the term "bumper to bumper" within the subject of warranty when purchasing a vehicle? Yet the real question is, "Does it really exist?" Does a warranty cover everything for the full length of the manufacture warranty? Specifically as it pertains to RV's and where does the manufacture's limited warranty end. Now for my disclaimer, this is not legal advice but rather from the perspective of over 20 years of RV experience.
All RV manufactures spell out their warranty coverage in their owner's manual. You can find the manufacturer's warranty that we sell (Fleetwood, Holiday Rambler, Lance, Outdoors RV, Thor and Forest River) by clicking their respective logos below. Most consumers assume that everything is covered no matter what within the warranty period of the RV. Yet a closer look at the warranty coverage two statements should stand out to you. First is the definition of the warranty. A warranty is to repair defects in workmanship performed and /or used to conform with the design and manufacturing specifications and tolerance of the RV. Second, and this is usually in bold lettering, "What is not covered." This is important to know not only after you purchase but before you purchase also.
A misinformed, prevaricated, or otherwise uneducated consumer does no one justice. If misunderstandings are cleared up ahead of a purchase then the consumer should not have any regrets of their purchase. As an example, say one is not happy with a design and operation of a part in the RV. This should be discussed ahead of time as if that is considered normal. Many warranties use such language in the "not covered" sections as, if an accessory or equipment is operating per design but you are not happy with it, that is not a warrantable item.
Another misunderstanding consumers have is believing that there should be no maintenance within the warranty period. Roof sealants, adjustments, lubrication, among other stipulations are not covered under most manufacture warranties. Some manufacture have stipulated within their warranty that these types of adjustments will be covered by the dealer for the first 90 days of purchase; thereafter, such adjustments are your exclusive responsibility as normal maintenance.
There are some dealers that do not like to discuss this ahead of time with prospective buyers, which I believe is a disservice to both the dealership and consumer. The more consumers understand what the manufacture's obligations are and more importantly, what their own responsibilities are, the more pleasant the relationship, not only between the buyer and dealer, but the manufacture as well, after the sale.