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Service Tips from Niel's RV near Los Angeles, California

Be in the know:

Be in the know and know where the savings are. Niel's RV likes to thank our Armed Forces. And if you are in the military, this tip if for you. There are several campgrounds that offer military discounts to both active and retired military personnel.

  • Hershey Park Camping Resorts - military personnel, active and retired receive a 10% discount.
  • Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Camp Resorts - 26 states in the U.S. with a couple of locations in Canada.
  • Disney Armed Forces Salute Military Discount at Disney Fort Wilderness and other resorts in the US.
  • Tents for Troops - For active military and immediate family only, where they can enjoy camping for free.

There are also other discounts on apparel and camping equipment for military personnel at the following businesses.

  • Bass Pro Shops - Offers military discounts every month starting the 15th and lasts one week.
  • - Where military, first responders, and law enforcement can enjoy up to 65% off camping and hiking goods.

Celebrating and honoring our Armed Forces. Help give back and thank active or retired military personnel for the freedom we enjoy while we travel our great country and enjoy the great outdoors.

Did you know?

Most RV owners neglect simple maintenance care on their RV that could save them hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs. Yet the dreadful idea of doing such tasks, especially in hard to reach places, makes a procrastinator even out of the most proficient RV owners.
RV battery banks, for example, in most RV are flooded batteries. This means they are lead-acid batteries that contain water. This water boils out as the batteries are being charged. If the proper water level is not maintained, batteries could fail prematurely.
A great remedy for this type of maintenance is a Pro-Fill Battery Watering System, especially for those difficult, if not impossible, batteries to access.

Is your trailer costing you unnecessary money?

Trailer wheels can become out of alignment over time. This can cause premature tire wear and even a blowout.

  • Has been over a year since you have had your trailer tires aligned?
  • Do your tires show uneven wear? This can cost hundreds of dollars in avoidable expenses.
  • Do your wheels have different size gaps from front to rear on both sides?

Then it may be time to have your trailer tires aligned.

Call our friendly service department today to make an appointment.

Did you know?

Powergear jacks should be serviced every 24 months to keep them in top performance working order. Check with your service advisor to schedule a service appointment today.

News Flash!

California is one of over 45 states that requires a supplemental tow brake system on tow cars. ARE YOU LEGAL? If you are involved in an accident and do not have a supplemental brake system on your tow car, you could be at partial fault even if you did not cause the accident. Be legal. Be safe. Be stopped when you need to be stopped! Get a Brake Buddy Stealth for your tow vehicle and travel with confidence. U.S. and Canada brake laws.

Towing Tip

(Advice from the experts at Blue Ox)
Towing a vehicle on a trip is a great way to have freedom and leave the motorhome at the campsite. There are many cars to choose from to fit the lifestyle you have, from the small Smart car to a four-door Jeep Wrangler, you can cruise till your eyes have been filled with all the scenery you can take in.
Yet for every great action, there is an equal reaction. Seasoned RV'ers know that towing has one drawback, one cardinal rule that must never be broken, under any circumstance, not even with a person behind the wheel of the tow car steering. This one rule is:

Never Back Up!

So travel with peace of mind that Priority Service is there for you, to keep you on the road and allowing you to enjoy your vacation. Niel's RV is located in North Hills, CA, proudly serving Los Angeles, Montclair, Westminster, and Simi Valley!